With lessons from ‘The Way Of Guitar’™ you can:

  • Learn to play guitar like your favorite players & bands do
  • Get immediate results with easy to understand instruction
  • Have fun playing your favorite songs & even learn how to write your own

Go beyond what you would expect from a typical private guitar lesson with:

  • Invaluable knowledge from music professionals at student only workshops
  • Videotaped lessons so you’ll never forget what you learn
  • Professionally constructed and easy to understand lesson materials
  • 24 hour support via an exclusive ‘The Way Of Guitar’™ student only forum
  • Pro Tools equipped lesson studio to familiarize yourself with the recording process
  • Band ready lesson studio! For live rehearsal sessions
  • Live performance at ‘The Way Of Guitar’™ annual concerts and more…


Whether you’re a beginner looking for fast progress or a more advanced guitarist looking to take your playing to the highest level, ‘The Way Of Guitar’™ is here for you.  From our very first meeting we will quickly get to work on creating a customized lesson plan that will make learning to play guitar both fun and easy to do.  Get a head start on your progress today and choose a contact form below that best fits your level of ability and tell me all about yourself.


Learning to play guitar is not an easy task, but the rewards are well worth the effort! Get the help you need to make learning a positive experience with easy to understand explanations, lesson plans & instruction tailored for a student which has no experience playing guitar, or any instrument for that matter.

We will work quickly to familiarize you to the instrument, learning technique, basic theory, how to read tab & chord frames, rhythm, scales, chords & simplified songs in styles of music that influence you. I take time paying attention to the details of your playing & retention of material, ensuring that you’re not going to be haunted by any bad habits that can inhibit your progress for years to come. I have lesson plans that will vastly increase your progress while focusing on the essentials needed to begin playing guitar. Let’s get started!

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“Where do I go next?” This is the most common question. You have a few scales down, learned some songs on YouTube & have been trying to learn on your own. You’ve had some luck but you’re not happy with the speed of your progress and you need direction. It’s one thing to know some scale patterns and chords, and it’s another to know how and when to use them. Does the neck still seem like a crazy maze or a cosmic mystery to you? I can help you to demystify! We’ll fill in the gaps covering all aspects of your playing, theory, technique, improvisation, scales, lead, and chords to list a few topics covered. We’ll build your ear and can even delve into songwriting & recording if that’s a passion of yours! Let me know where you’re at.

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You’re a proficient guitar player and other musicians look up to you, maybe you’re a solo artist or in a band. But you know that you can take your playing even further! Maybe you’re looking for accountability, a new approach to your current technique, or there’s a style outside your own that you want to explore? You feel that there’s something missing, that you’re capable of much more. You need the person that can help you reach your fullest potential. Songwriting, recording, creating better solos, playing super clean at high volumes, picking faster and more precise, sweeps, advanced improvisation, deeper theory knowledge, aural skills, tone control, guitar setup, intensified practice programs…the possibilities are endless! Let’s see where we can take you.

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