“My playing has amplified 10 fold in a short period of time. Everyone I jam with has noticed a change in my playing. I now find myself full of ideas for soloing, jamming, and song writing. I feel that Jeff’s unique teaching style is better than other local teachers. I’m glad I found out about his lesson studio.”
Dan Ouimette – Auburn, NY

“I came to Jeff’s studio with many years of experience but had hit a wall. It’s amazing how much my playing has improved in the time that I started working with Jeff. I’m playing solos I never thought I would be able to play and even writing songs utilizing my knowledge of music theory. Jeff provides a comfortable learning environment suitable for players of all abilities.”
John Gagne – Syracuse, NY

“Jeff teaches guitar to my son Graeme. Jeff does a terrific job with him and is very patient and easy going.  One of the great things is that Graeme is able to choose the songs that he likes to listen to and is interested in learning to play. That certainly makes practice time much more fun and productive.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone interested in starting guitar or furthering their existing talent!”
Linda – Skaneateles, NY

“I came to Jeff with no knowledge of guitar or music at all. After a few weeks of lessons, I felt that I learned so much in so little time. He really does make learning guitar easy to understand. Rock on!”
Kori Halftown – Seneca Falls, NY

“My playing has had great improvement because Jeff is my teacher. He has me learning how to play things I had no idea I could do. I have had a few different teachers and none of them have the style of teaching that Jeff has. He not only teaches you how to play something but he explains why you do it that way so you can relate to things in your own terms and at your own speed. I highly recommend Jeff as a teacher. “
Dave Westmiller – Auburn, NY

“Jeff is a fantastic teacher as well as a seasoned musician. He can teach you everything from the technical details of music itself to its real life applications. I’ve been playing for 20 years but in the last year taking lessons with Jeff I’ve found a new confidence that comes from understanding music theory, thanks Jeff!!!”
Tim Ely – Jordan Elbridge, NY

“I learn new songs faster and I’m able to play more diverse styles. Solo’s have been my biggest improvement. I have also improved my playing with my group. Jeff takes the time to go over the material until you get it down before moving on.”
Ryan Hatch – Syracuse, NY


Jeff Wiggins is a professional and competent guitar player in every way.
Jason Randall Moore Sound Studio
Producer, Engineer, Music Business Professional

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff and known Jeff for many years. Jeff has had great success with his private lesson studio teaching students of different abilities from beginner to advance players. Jeff would be a great addition to those students wishing to learn or expand their playing skills at any level.”
Alex Perialas Assistant Professor of the sound recording technology program at Ithaca College NY, Pyramid Sound (Studio Owner), Engineer, and Legendary Producer (Anthrax, Overkill, Testament, S.O.D, M.O.D,…)

“Not only do I take lessons from Jeff but I also refer my customers to him. Jeff works well with students of all ages and levels of experience. He creates lesson plans that are well thought out and easy to follow.”
Rich Kaye Sound Monkey Music
Auburn New York

“Mr. Wiggins is a talented guitarist with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of musicianship. His tasteful and relevant musical self–expression dovetails his ability to articulate the foundations of the language of Western Music to aspiring guitarists.”
Nate Clark Finger Lakes Guitar Repair
Luther, Guitarist

“I have known and worked with Jeff for several years. Jeff has a genuine passion for music that truly reflects in his teaching. From both beginners to experienced players, Jeff will help you to improve your technical proficiency while also working to expand your over all knowledge of the instrument.”

“Jeff Wiggins has been one of our Guitar instructors for some of our Community Education courses here at the college. I have found him to be punctual, easy to work with, devoted to teaching at student’s personal levels and has helped to give them a good working knowledge of the instrument. His evaluations from students have been very positive! On a related side note, I am also a professional musician and have found Jeff’s outlines and information handouts given to students to be timely and top notch. He’s not only a good entertainer, but he also knows his instrument and is a great teacher.”
Marilyn Fuller – Administrative Assistant
Cayuga Community College 315-294-8451


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